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Cube is a platform for digital asset management and
creative collaboration used by leading brands and agencies.

With Cube, your team can store, manage, share and distribute your hi-res media files with remarkable ease.



Cube is all about ease of use and human interaction. It sports a clear and intuitive interface. Everything is just a few clicks away, exactly where you would expect it.

Buy-out alerts and reminders

Cube has a built-in warning system that informs the user of expiring contracts and agreements. Never lose sight of buy-outs again.

Broadcast delivery

Cube empowers you to create your own digital broadcast copies and deliver them to the stations of your choice1. You decide when it needs to be delivered and to whom. If it’s on Cube, you can get it anywhere in no time.

Crisp HD masters

Every pixel counts. Cube can store your uncompressed masters fast and securely. Once your master is on Cube, it will automatically create high quality previews suited for the web and mobile.

Upload links

Upload Links provide an easy way for third parties to directly upload material to your Cube account, without granting them full access to your projects. Third party uploaders will receive an email indicating that you would like him or her to contribute to a Cube project or Library folder. All they have to do is simply drag their files in the uploader to immediately send it to your Cube account.

Automatic conversions

Cube is smart enough to quickly transcode your masters into any requested format and deliver them wherever you want. Cube comes with a standard set of professional video formats to choose from like MXF, ProRes, H264 etc. No need to worry about the specs.


Easily share your files to the rest of the world with Cube Weblinks. A Weblink can be set to auto expire and contains an option to allow for easy downloading of your shared files.

Cloud archive

Quickly sift through thousands of media files, neatly organized by client, project or campaign in a folder structure that you define yourself.

Video, photos, artwork, sound files and documents

Cube excels in managing video masters but is also perfectly able to handle other files like images, sound files or generic documents. All your assets can be stored in one place.

You are in control

As a Cube user you stay in control. You decide what happens to your material, who can access it, and where it needs to go next.


All material that is uploaded to the Cube will always belong to you. There are no secret ownership transfers or rights shifts. If you ever decide to leave Cube you are free to take all your material with you and no additional costs will be charged for taking it off.

Secure storage

An archive needs to last indefinitely. To make sure it does, Cube spreads your valuable data out across multiple locations in secure data centers.

1Digital broadcast copies relate to Dutch broadcasting stations only.
Cube Compose

Cube Compose

Create branded video assets using dynamic video templates

With Cube Compose, you can easily generate videos that are always in line with your brand guidelines and campaign creative. Adapt your tv ads and social videos for multiple markets, regions and channels and create customized content that speaks to each of your audiences.

We'll work with you to turn your videos into dynamic templates that your brand can reuse. Share the template with your teams and watch them create endless variations. With a step-by-step interface, you can trust that each asset they create will be on-brand. And what's more: you can share, export and broadcast the generated videos once they are ready.

Rethink how your brand produces video assets with Cube Compose.

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Cube Collect

Make any video searchable with machine learning

When you have large amounts of videos, digging through each one to find useful clips is impractical. Cube Collect turns your uncategorized videos into a searchable library. Spend less time organizing and searching videos — spend more time finding and creating instead.

We use machine learning to automatically identify and label the content in each video so you can easily find the clips you need. Do a quick search and filter hours of footage through an easy-to-use interface, within seconds. Great for rushes and user-generated videos. Empower your video editors and producers to discover great content with Cube Collect.

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Cube Collect

Subscription plans

  Freelance Production Agency Premium
Storage 20GB ≈ 1 hours HD video* 500GB ≈ 26 hours HD video* 5TB ≈ 265 hours HD video* 10TB ≈ 530 hours HD video*
Users 1 User 3 Users 6 Users Unlimited users
FTP module
Broadcast module*
Studio support
File codecs Limited Limited All supported codecs All supported codecs
Transcoding Standard Standard Priority High priority
Email support
Phone support
Pricing (Pricing on request) (Pricing on request) (Pricing on request) (Pricing on request)
* Broadcast module is related to Dutch broadcasting stations only.
* Storage capacity estimation based on Full HD 1080p @ 45000kbps.
- Additional storage pricing on request.

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Frequently asked questions

What kind of files can I store on Cube?

Any type of file can be uploaded and stored on Cube but it will only create previews for videos, images, PDFs and Audio files. All other files will be displayed as generic documents and can be downloaded back to your computer to work with.

How does Cube ensure the safety of my files?

Cube makes use of enterprise storage solutions and stores your files across multiple locations. Each Cube comes with its own private storage and encrypted passwords to ensure maximum safety.

Which broadcast stations does Cube support?

Cube currently supports all major Dutch broadcasting stations. We're actively working on expanding our network.

Is there a file size limit for my uploads?

Cube allows drag and drop uploading of files well over 20 Gigabytes large. There is no physical limit to what Cube is capable of receiving.

I have a great idea for a new feature, what now?

Cube is constantly in development and we're always open to suggestions. Please share your thoughts with us. We can even roll your idea into a custom plugin to specifically enhance Cube to your liking.

Can I export to a custom video or image format?

Cube supports a large set of professional export formats. If you would like a specific format then we can custom-build it for you in most cases.

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