About Cube

Your mission? Making beautiful, engaging content that moves the needle. Our mission? Putting you in the driver's seat so you don't get bogged down by unnecessary busywork.

Cube is the creative production platform that helps teams stay on top of their creative assets and media. Top brands and agencies use Cube every day to fuel production, creative and marketing workflows.

How it all started

Diederik Veelo

In 2011, Cube's founder Diederik Veelo was a producer at creative production studio Ambassadors. He was annoyed that TV commercials were still mostly archived on magnetic tape. To play these videos you needed really good workstations and a really good dose of patience.

In true producer fashion, Diederik set out to find a better way to do this. So he started digitizing years’ worth of TV ads and built a web interface that let you watch the material in any browser.

While this was a prototype, his colleagues loved the ease of use. And soon enough, people outside the company caught wind of it too. Brand and agency clients started asking for access and suggesting features to solve their own media workflow problems.

So in 2011, Diederik turned this internal side project into a proper software company to help brands and agencies do just that. Cube was born.

Our mission

Over the years, we’ve introduced a whole range of tools and solutions – for digital asset management, creative automation, collaboration, video ad delivery, and more. While our product and team continue to grow, one thing never changes: our mission to empower teams with powerful tools to unlock even more powerful media workflows.

Part of Ambassadors

Cube is part of creative production studio Ambassadors.

We share the belief that craft makes all the difference. While we operate independently, we have an expert team of artists and producers within reach. Together we solve operational and creative challenges for brands and agencies, no matter the scale.

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