About Hotel L’Amour

Launched in 2023, Hotel L’Amour is a full-service creative agency based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Advocating their love for advertising, they specialize in fostering brand love through standout, long-running advertising campaigns for brands, both Dutch and international.


A few months after its founding, Hotel L’Amour was ready to set up operations to run video content and commercial productions. To collaborate efficiently, they needed a system that would allow them to manage, share and deliver high-resolution media files while keeping track of license expirations.


Why Cube

Having used Cube in her last two agencies for nearly a decade, Head of Production Marieke Prette had experienced first-hand how Cube could make a producer’s life easier. So when she joined Hotel L’Amour, she insisted on having Cube there from day one.

How it works

Cube provides Hotel L’Amour with a central workspace where producers can store files they want to share and deliver throughout production. Here, they can manage the files from one location instead of toggling between tools and servers.

This helps Hotel L’Amour keep the many files they’ll encounter in check, be it casting videos, offline and online edits, or final deliverables. Besides projects and folders, they can add metadata like the client name and campaign type to keep things organized and searchable. And with standardized project templates, contract and metadata fields, Hotel L’Amour can be extra sure that everyone does this in the same consistent way across the workspace.

Reviewing and presenting work with Cube is as simple as can be. Shared links allow clients and collaborators to directly view files in the browser. No login required, even on mobile devices. For added security, there’s the option to revoke access or add expiration dates and passwords if they need it. And just as easily, when it’s time for delivery, producers can send large files over to clients to download.

One key advantage of Cube for Hotel L’Amour is the ability to distribute TV ads to broadcasters. As soon as they’ve locked in the final edit, they can export the ad with a simple click, fully quality checked and formatted. Any issues along the way? The Cube support team is available via email or phone to troubleshoot. No need to rely on external post-production companies for this.


With a seamless file workflow made possible by Cube, Hotel L’Amour’s production team is off to a great start.

They can do more with less effort themselves, saving time as they won’t have to rely on external parties and switch tools as much. And by having the files and data in one spot, everyone has a clear overview of what’s happened and can stay on top of things, even as their library grows.

As Hotel L’Amour grows, Cube continues to serve as a solid foundation while they onboard new clients and expand their team of producers. A consistent, streamlined experience for them and their clients from the get-go. For a new, fast-growing agency like theirs, this can make all the difference.

Today, Hotel L’Amour can truly embrace their reason for being: make people fall in love with the brands they work with through quality advertising films. And in turn, make their clients solidify their love for them as a result.

Looking to save time, money and creative headspace?

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