Creative Automation

Scale content creation

Expand your creative output with Cube’s Creative Automation solution for video and images. Create more and better creative assets without losing quality and consistency.

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What are the benefits of creative automation?

  • Streamlined creative production

    Create and deliver tailored content at an unprecedented volume, speed and accuracy

  • Centralized control

    Maintain brand consistency and creative quality across all output

  • On-demand creation for all

    Empower your teams to produce creative assets without specialized expertise or tools

  • Better performance

    Combine data and media to create high-converting assets

Key features to scale video and image creation

One dynamic template, endless versions

One dynamic template, endless versions

Generate an infinite number of video and image variations with Cube’s tailor-made templates. Customize the dynamic parts and produce high-quality, brand-consistent creative assets every time.

  • Text & languages

    Adapt your copy for different segments, markets and messaging tactics. Go local in any language, including non-Latin and right-to-left scripts.

  • Media & assets

    Change photos, graphics, videos, voiceovers, music tracks and more to suit different audiences and approaches. Crop, position and resize them as necessary.

  • Sizes & layouts

    Choose from different sizes and layouts for different channels and campaign stages.

  • Designs & animations

    Switch designs and animations to explore new creative ideas and avoid ad fatigue.

Generate videos and images at scale

Generate videos and images at scale

Produce as many versions as you need – from a few to hundreds. Within minutes, with minimal effort.

  • Create on demand

    Manually produce new assets on the fly with our intuitive template interface.

  • Import data

    Upload or link to a spreadsheet listing the adaptations for each version and create customized versions in bulk.

  • Integrate data feeds

    Use real-time product and audience data from other systems to customize your creative dynamically. Or automatically generate new content when specific data changes.

Deliver seamlessly

Deliver seamlessly

Don’t get lost in your growing amount of assets. Find all the tools you need to go live in one place.

  • Manage

    Keep assets organized with folders, tags and metadata so you can stay on top of your growing volume of content.

  • Review

    Proof assets with built-in tools for sharing and feedback, right where the assets are. Put an end to disconnected review cycles.

  • Distribute

    Export assets to owned and paid media channels like social, online, TV, and more, and launch campaigns without delays.

How it works

  • 1. Concept

    We’ll help you flesh out your concept so it’s ready for creative automation. We’ll help you ask the right questions to make your project reusable and scalable while keeping quality and creativity in mind. Whether you have a general idea or a design ready to go.

  • 2. Development

    Our team of engineers and artists begins building the template. Using our dynamic building blocks, we can easily create a template within days. For new, complex elements, we may take longer. We test the template thoroughly to make sure every asset generated works as it should.

  • 3. Launch

    Your dynamic template is now ready for use! You can generate and distribute new variants at any time. We’re on standby to make sure everything runs smoothly. logo

We've been localizing all our assets with Cube for years now. It's offering us a way to scale content across countries efficiently without sacrificing quality.

Carine van der Heijden

Carine van der Heijden

Booking.comHead of Brand Marketing

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